I'm Steff. Currently 22 years old and living in California. I make gifs and edits of my favorite vidya when I'm not bein lazy about it.

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if anyone can play episode 5 of either season and not get sad they have something wrong with them


god someone made a compilation video of s1 and s2 endings for twdg

I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry but the kenny and lee feels man…… they’re too much

yw anon and I’ll def keep that in mind next time :3

Speaking to Scott (fnaf Dev) on the youtube comment sections for his trailer and he confirmed two things, Paranormal forces were involved and the Phone Guy might not be telling the whole truth.


Stand Proud (Blast Procesed)
Artist: Hashimoto Jin
Album: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
4,183 plays


experiment u.u

i couldn’t find that many refs for alonne so that probably isnt even him haha, i just wanted to draw the pretty scenery tbh

aight here we go

day 3 of trying to catch a shiny eevee


Vaporeon Showers" made using Crayola watercolors + blue pencil.

(available on stickers+more)


My Vayne sucks, but w/e

(Also, a little bonus)